We help clients navigate the digital world.  Success to us is providing more value to clients than we receive.

How we started:  In 1997, Everett Wilkinson, President of Delivered Digital Marketing, started building websites for business while attending Western Michigan University.  Back then most companies have limited dial-up Internet and most didn’t have a website.  Google was in beta!

After college, he was recruited into financial services where he rose from a financial advisor with an independent broker-dealer RIA to management of a team of 500 financial advisors.

In his role, Everett increased market share of the parent company’s mutual fund from 14% to nearly 20% in just 3 years.  Further, he developed strategic alliances and partnership by adding third-party offerings to handle insurance component, a measure that simultaneously improved agent offerings and increased gross revenue from $1.4 to $4.7m.

In 2009, Everett pivoted back to his passion for marketing and started a marketing consulting agency that focused on Internet marketing and public relations.

Since then, Everett has used his knowledge of both the financial and marketing sectors to develop a career in marketing campaign management. For nearly 10 years, he has been working closely with his clients to become a trusted advisor as a Communication & Marketing Strategist, serving financial and Fortune 500 companies. In this role, Everett is responsible for growing the business through marketing strategies and directs inbound messaging, social media, branding, business development, and direct mail campaigns. Driven by the outcomes most important for his clients, Everett has a laser-focus on optimizing marketing messages, understanding the client base, leveraging existing business opportunities, and realizing short and long-term cost savings and ROI.

Delivered Digital Marketing is a diverse team handles a broad range of client interests, spanning from authors and motivational speakers to issue advocacy groups, and multi-national corporations, entertainment figures, and other high-profile individuals. Over the years we have also advised numerous non-profit organizations, health care organizations, research institutions and philanthropic groups alongside start-ups, cottage industries, and enterprise-level corporations. With a combination of energy and expertise, we surpass your expectations and make your dreams come true.

Everett Wilkinson, President

Bob White, VP of Business Development & Sales

Mitz Shahi, VP Web Development