Email Marketing



Acer Strategies specializes in helping clients acquire emails and getting them delivered.  Whether you are a small law office or a Fortune 500 company we can get you targeted email lists, clean them and set up servers for delivery.

It all boils down to these three words: return on investment.

Let’s open this portion with a killer statistic – the Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing has a ROI of 4300{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c}. Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly also showed that email drove more conversions than other marketing channels, including search and social.

Traffic source Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013
Search 1.83{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 1.77{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 1.96{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 2.49{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 1.95{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c}
Social 0.49{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 0.60{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 0.73{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 0.88{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 0.71{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c}
Email 3.06{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 3.24{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 3.48{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 3.58{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c} 3.19{b8167965894023cb8fbc72d32e1d7b806009f71d4dface77c0f6ab224b23433c}


Email Marketing Works 24/7 For Your Business

Your email database is the workhorse of your marketing arsenal. There’s no better way to keep your company on your customers minds and build trust with your audience than regular direct communication via email.

Email marketing has one of the highest return on investment ratios of all marketing channels dollar for dollar beating out social media, paid search, TV, and radio among others according to this recent study by VentureBeat. Nurturing your prospects and leads with targeted emails will invisibly guide your them down your sales funnel and help them conclude that you are the best choice to buy from.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels around today.

What Email Marketing Can Do For Your Business

Email marketing is only one piece of a larger online marketing system; and when implemented can have measurable impact on your company’s bottom line. Here are some of the amazing benefits email marketing and marketing automation can do for you…

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Automatic follow up to new business inquiries from your website or social media
  • Reactivate current clients or previous clients to make repeat purchases
  • Save hours of time by having our email software email your customers for you
  • Grow your business by engaging your customer list for repeat business
  • Measure and track the performance of your marketing campaigns to optimize ROI
  • Manage all your customer contact information and notes in one robust database
  • Segment your customers so you can make targeted offers by past activity with you
  • It will pay for itself many times over from the results and new business you’ll receive